Multisensory Experience Design Through Food and Beverage Packaging:
Engaging Your Customers Through Their Senses

Programme Overview

Just imagine any food and drink packaging. The visual attributes of the package (colour, shapes, typefaces, images), as well as its textures, sounds, and even smells can have profound implications when it comes to the expectations and experience of food and drink products. Packaging shapes, for example, can help us to identify food products but may also provide some general information about the likely taste we will experience.

The shape of a product’s packaging or the shape of its design elements (e.g., font) are not the only features that make a difference in terms of product expectations and experience. For example, using colours features (hue, brightness, and/or saturation) which are congruent with the brand meaning and the product’s flavour, may facilitate the search for a product in the supermarket shelf. Even the sonic attributes of packages (yes, the sound they make when we interact with them!) and their textures can also make a difference in terms of both branding and product experience. Taking all these points into consideration, it is imperative for brands to design packages (and therefore product experiences) for their consumers’ senses in order to guide their emotions, evaluations, and sensory expectations of products.

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Date, Day
16 May 2018, Wednesday

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Maxwell Chambers

Programme Fee
S$1200 (w/o GST)
S$1,284 (w GST)

15% discount for groups of three (3)
15% discount for Alumni and Past Participants of our EPs

Fee includes programme materials, refreshments and lunch


The principal aim of the workshop is to provide the attendees with:

  • State-of-the-art knowledge on multisensory design in particular to its development in Food and Beverage industry and its application on F&B packaging design.
  • Guidelines on multi-sensory design thinking and learn about a framework for multisensory design taking into account the connections between the senses and the different moments of experience with a product and its packaging.
  • Learn from representative research and case studies on the influence of multisensory packaging design on consumer perception and behaviour.
  • Guide attendees through a practice in coming up with a multisensory packaging design.
  • Facilitate further discussion on technological trends relating to design of F&B experiences via packaging.

This programme is suited for mid to senior level executives who are specialised in the packaging design as well as consumer and market research areas for F&B sector. The course‘s framework provided participants with a greater understanding of the multisensory packaging design and how it relates to the consumer perception and behaviour.

Attendee Profiles

  • F&B Products packaging designers
  • F&B Brands and marketing specialists
  • F&B Products packaging manufacturers
  • F&B Consumer market researchers
  • Food Technologists
  • Flavour & Fragrance Consumer Insights Specialists


1. Introduction to Multisensory Branding and Packinging Experience Design


4. A Framework for Packaging Evaluation and Design with the Senses in Mind

2. Consumer-Packaging Interaction: The Four Moments of Experience in Ready Meals

5. Design Your Ready Meal Multisensory Packaging

3. Designing Packages that Engage the Senses and State of the Art Guidelines

6. Multisensory Packaging Design in Light of New Technologies and Concluding Remarks

Programme includes two 15-minute coffee break (AM and PM) and one lunch break

About the Trainer

Carlos Velasco
ACI Fellow
Assistant Professor in Marketing,
BI Norwegian Business School

Carlos received his D.Phil. in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University. His research focuses on crossmodal perception and sensory marketing, in particular on crossmodal correspondences in marketing communications, multisensory human-computer interaction, and multisensory design.

Carlos is also a founding member of Neurosketch (Colombia) and of Flying Fish Research (UK). He has worked with a number of companies from all around the world in topics such as multisensory experience design, food and drink, packaging, branding, and consumer research.