Neuromarketing World Forum 2018

7 – 9 March 2018, Wednesday – Friday
ANDAZ Singapore
5 Fraser Street, Singapore 189354 (Map)

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About the Forum


The Neuromarketing World Forum (NMWF) is the annual event of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) and is the gathering for everyone with a professional interest in neuromarketing.

This highly acclaimed conference travels around the globe (previous meetings have been held in London, Dubai, Barcelona, New York, São Paulo and Amsterdam) and in 2018, The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (ACI) is proud to partner with the NMSBA to host the conference in Singapore – the first time it is being held in Asia.

This year, international keynote speakers will share inspirational case studies and Insights about the brain and reveal the latest innovations in Neuromarketing.

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5 Reasons to Attend the Neuromarketing World Forum


Expertly curated agenda & extensive speaker preparation

Our program committee spends hundreds of hours crafting the agenda and selecting speakers to ensure high value, quality content and absolutely no sales pitches from the stage. We make certain each session has applicable takeaways with a strong scientific foundation.

Inspirational stories about the brain and decision making in marketing

The Neuromarketing World Forum is all about improving your marketing, your marketing strategy, your product introductions and your campaigns, by applying insights from how the brain takes decisions.

One stop neuromarketing shop

There is no other place in the world, where all high-quality neuromarketing vendors are presenting themselves. It is the easiest way to connect with the full industry and compare their offers. This year we even have an open exhibition on Thursday afternoon, for those who are only interested in finding the right vendors.

High-quality attendees and discussions

Unlike a typical conference, attendees are part of an innovative community of avid readers and learners. Attendees are smart, innovative and all there for the same purpose — to improve themselves and the effectiveness of their marketing and market research.

Dedicated staff

We don’t usually like to toot our own horn, but we can’t help but acknowledge the incredible, dedicated team that spending hundreds of hours scrutinizing every detail to put this one-of-a-kind experience together. The NMSBA team is passionate about creating genuine learning experiences and facilitating valuable connections for attendees that result in a higher-quality experience than you get at most other conferences.



Neuromarketing studies which emotions are relevant in human decision making and uses this knowledge to improve marketing’s effectiveness. The Neuromarketing World Forum is about its latest findings.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Pre-conference activities
– Pre-conference workshop ‘Introduction to Neuromarketing’ by Gemma Calvert
– NMSBA Members Meeting
– Opening dinner

Thursday, March 8, 2018 

Neuromarketing World Forum – Day 1
– Fresh talks on the Asian consumer brain, measuring emotions, consumer experience, branding and brand concepts
– Open exhibition to find the right vendors (4:30pm – 6:30pm)
– Conference dinner

Friday, March 9, 2018

Neuromarketing World Forum – Day 2
– Advertising & creativity
– Improving video content with neuroscience
– Neuromarketing & shopper behavior

1:30pm – 4:00pm Pre-conference workshop ‘introduction to neuromarketing’

– What is neuromarketing
– What are the main methods and what information can it bring?
– Which cognitive processes matter in advertising and how to measure them

Gemma Calvert, Professor of Marketing (Practice), Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

4:30pm – 6:30pm NMSBA Member Meeting

Special meeting for members of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association

8:00pm – 10:30pm Opening Dinner

Good food, drinks, great company and knowledge sharing!

Welcome in Singapore!

9:30am What (Neuro)Marketers Need to Know about Asia and the Asian Brain

– The different aspects of the Asian market research challenge
– Cultural differences in how consumers perceive and understand the world
– Brain differences that affect neuromarketing findings

Gemma Calvert, Professor of Neuromarketing, Nanyang Business School, NTU, Singapore

10:00am Status of Neuromarketing Today

Overview of recent global developments the field neuromarketing today

10:15am  How the Brains of Thai Shoppers Respond to Promotions

– Learn how neuroscience tools can help you develop effective in-store promotions
– Understand how eye-tracking can help uncover shopper visual focus
– Gain insights into how EEG can help identify shoppers’ reactions

Ramanathan Vythilingam, Senior CMI Manager, Unilever & Satoshi Tsujimoto, Director and Neuroscientist, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

10:45am  Coffee Break

Theories on Measuring Emotions

11:15am Natural Kinds or Conceptual Constructions: Determining Emotion Measurement

– Learn about the existing differences in emotion theory
– Develop a deeper understanding about emotions
– Choose the approach of emotion measurements that is consistent with the theory that applies

Paul Conner, Founder & CEO, Emotive Analytics

11:45am EEG-Based Emotion Recognition Algorithm

– Learn how to understand the customer experience
– Discover how emotions are used to assess advertising stimuli
– Find out how potential customers experience emotional stimulants

Natalia Galkina, Founder, stakeholder and CEO of “NeuroTrend” JSC

12:15am  Lunch Break

Consumer Experience and Emotions in Practice

1:15pm Best Practices for Building Emotional Attachment

– Understand the core emotional motivators that drive emotional engagement
– Learn the ingenious emotional tactics big brands are using to turn complacent customers into passionate groupies
– Get dozens of best-in-class examples

Graeme Newell,  President, 602 communications

2:00pm Stage, Cinema and Virtual Reality Compared

– How a play can be experienced in alternative media
– The impact of channel context to viewers’ emotions

Elissa Moses, CEO, Neuro and Behavior Science, IPSOS

2:30pm Coffee Break

The Brain on Branding

3:oopm Generating Brand Content Through Neuroscience

– Find out how neuroscience can help you generate more focused brand content
– Learn how to produce eye-catching brand content through fMRI technology
– Discover which key areas of the brain respond to types of places and object imagery

Andy Myers, Director of Marketing, Walnut Unlimited

3:30pm Consumer Neuroscience 2.0: From Brain Activity to Psychological Concepts

– Improving the predictability of human behaviour with a brand new approach to modelling using fMRI datasets
– How high-level psychological concepts on consumer-brand relationships such as “reliability” and “friendly”, can be reliably measured using BOLD-MRI
– Applications of the new model in practice

H. Steven Scholte, Co-Founder, Director of R&D, Neurensics International;
Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Amsterdam;
Head of Spinoza REC-L Scan Center

4:00pm Neuromarketing Promises and Perils: Minimum Standards for Proper Practice

– Practical skills that you can apply to your own research
– Explore a specific approach to setting minimum scientific standards for your research
– Be better positioned to explain to your clients how your research is meeting such scientific standards

Duane Varan, CEO, MediaScience

4:30pm Neuromarketing Exhibition: Find the Right Vendors

Also open for ‘exhibition only’ delegates

4:30pm Neuromarketing World Forum Expo Program

Latest technologies in neuromarketing

4:30pm Exhibition and Networking Drinks
4:30pm Wrap-Up
4:30pm Conference Dinner

Advertising & Creativity

9:30am Neuroscience & TV Commercials: Cross-Cultural Marketing in Australia

– Discover how diverse groups respond to advertising
– Find out how brief TV advertising cues can drive different responses
– Gain a deeper understanding of how brand memories work

David Hearn, Head of Communications Design, Dentsu Mitchell

10:00am The Neuroscience of Creativity: Two Business Cases

– How little things can have a huge impact on the bottom line
– The relation of actual changes made to advertising in relation to tangible business benefits (revenue, consumer leads)

Richard Silberstein, Chairman, Neuro-Insight

10:30am  Coffee Break

Improving Advertising Effects

11:00am The Neuroscience of Creativity: Two Business Cases

– How little things can have a huge impact on the bottom line
– The relation of actual changes made to advertising in relation to tangible business benefits (revenue, consumer leads)

Richard Silberstein, Chairman, Neuro-Insight

11:45am The Effectiveness of 6-Second Video Ads

– What a 6-second video advertisement can do
– Discover the most recent findings on the effectiveness of 6-second videos
– Become enabled to make video content decisions with confidence

Mihkel Jäätma, CEO, Realeyes

12:15pm Music and the Consumer’s Mind

– Latest research on music and marketing
– Optimizing music for video ads

Bradley Vines, Director, Neuroscience Europe, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

12:45pm Lunch Break

Neuromarketing & Shopper Behaviour

1:45pm Fancy Stores: Why They Evoke Shopper Desire

– How brain scanning uncovers the neural basis of individual shopper behaviour
– Gain insights as to why consumers choose a hedonic or utilitarian retail setting

Roeland Dietvorst, Co-Founder and Scientific Director, Alpha.One

2:15pm The Impact of Room Size in Retail

– Behavioral and neural responses to shopping in different shaped rooms
– Room size effects on impulsive purchases, high-calorie foods and errors in cognitive tasks

Arunika Pillay, Research Assistant, Culture Science Institute, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2:45pm The Power of Fragrance: Its Effect on Activation Level and Cognition

– Learn how specific smells factor into marketing
– Find out more about relax-activation and positive-negative reception
– Discover which methods work best to analyze human reaction to fragrance

Tomasz Soluch, Research Director, Institute of Sensory Analysis (ISA)

3:15pm Coffee Break

Predicting & Forecasting

3:15pm Using fNIRS to Predict Purchase Decision-Making Behavior

– Gain knowledge about how to predict purchasing decisions
– Learn what happens in the brain when making purchasing decisions
– See how the use of fNIRS technology can further the fields of neuroeconomics and neuromarketing

Yener Girişken, CEO, ThinkNeuro

4:15pm “Neuroforecasting”: Evidence, Mechanism, and Implications

– Latest academic research in the area of neuroforecasting
– Implications for practitioners

Vinod Venkatraman, Assistant Professor of Marketing, and Associate Director of the Center for Neural Decision Making at the Fox School of Business, Temple University

4:45pm Wrap-up, announcement of 2019 destination and networking drinks 

Our Speakers at the Neuromarketing World Forum


Professor Gemma Calvert
Director of Research & Development, Institute on Asian Consumer Insight
Professor of Marketing (Practice), Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Professor Gemma Calvert, our Director of Research & Development, will be conducting the “Introduction to Neuromarketing” pre-conference workshop, as well as speaking at the opening keynote “What (Neuro)Marketers Need to Know about Asia and the Asian Brain”.

Professor Calvert, who is also the Professor of Marketing (Practice) at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, is an internationally renowned cognitive neuroscientist and the foremost pioneer of the field of Neuromarketing.

She has a BSc in Social Psychology from the London School of Economics, a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford and is an accredited Chartered Psychologist. Her research interests include consumer neuroscience, multisensory integration and sensory branding and cross-cultural influences on behaviour.

She has published extensively in the field of human brain imaging, including in Science and Nature Neuroscience, and is the co-author of the seminal Handbook on Multisensory Processes.


Arunika Pillay
Research Assistant, Culture Science Institute, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Arunika Pillay is a Research Assistant at the Culture Science Institute at Nanyang Technological University and specializes in using EEG to understand the neural basis of behaviour. Arunika will present “The Impact of Room Size in Retail” at the Neuromarketing World Forum, based on her joint research with Prof. Georgios Christopoulos on understanding how the physical attributes of a retail space can affect judgement and behaviour. More specifically, she examines the impact of space constraint on perception and event-related potential of inhibition control.

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About the Organiser & Partner


Organiser – Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA)

The Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA) is the international professional body for everyone with a professional interest in neuromarketing: corporate researchers, consumer insights professionals, market researchers academia and neuromarketing vendors. It is the official publisher of the successful quarterly INsights and the Neuromarketing Yearbook and the host of the Neuromarketing World Forum and the Shopper Brain Conference Series.

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Official Partner – Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (ACI)

The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (ACI) is a world-class, one-of-its-kind, national-level research institute focused on Asian consumers. Started as an initiative of the Singapore Economic Development Board in 2011 and hosted at Nanyang Technological University, ACI serves as a bridge between academia and industry, and its mission is to help companies grow their business in Asia based on profound market and consumer insights gathered through state-of-the-art research methodologies.

ACI conducts extensive research and help companies to develop customer-focused strategies based on insights about Asian consumers. Catered to each company’s needs, ACI recognizes the importance of understanding Asian consumers and the Asian market, and strives to provide relevant and impactful information to aid businesses understand Asian consumers and to create value in the areas of innovation, branding, new-markets development and new media initiatives that will impact your business results. ACI partners with significant industry players from the business community to conduct joint projects and form academic partnerships for combined research. ACI also regularly organises and co-organises seminars, forums and workshops where we share and develop knowledge with academic and business professionals.

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